On the MT-POS home page, click the Cash Management and then the Cash Register button.

Point of Sale Home Screen

mPOS Home screen - select Cash Management

Cash Management screen

mPOS Cash Management screen - select Cash Register

Selected Register is Displayed if currently Associated with a sales rep

mPOS Cash Register screen - a cash register in associated with the user

The selected register will appear at the top of the screen.

If no register is currently open or associated with a sales rep, a message (link) will be presented in the select register widget: No register has been selected!”. You can click on the link to open the register selection popup.

Cash Register Screen - No register is selected

mPOS Cash Register screen - cash register is not associated with the user

Cash Register – Select Registers  

Select Register prompt

Select the register, and then click Close. The register will now be associated with you.


Only opened registers show in the select register popup. 

When performing a register-open, the popup will show closed registers.

Register was opened by another user

When selecting a register that was opened by another sales rep, the following popup is presented:

Register is open

Register is open prompt - user can select to Share the cash register

You can select to share the register.

Manager access is required to close the register that was opened by another sales rep. If a non-authorized sales rep selects to close the register, a message is presented: 

“The selected register was opened by another user and cannot be closed. Only the user that opened the register or a manager can close the register.”