• For enterprise business (multi store): a third party will send the Advance Shipping Notification (ASN) file to MT-POS with the details of the deliveries to store. In MT-POS the ASN file is processed, and a pre-approved Purchase Order is created for stores to receive the stocks. When the third party sends the ASN file, a whitelist of items is created for the items being shipped (received in the ASN file.) 
    • When the inventory is received by Store Inventory Custodian/Manager, which has the option to accept the entire shipment, scan individual carton serial number or scan each item. This scanning of items loads the items into MT-POS, and the status of this inventory is changed to Received, and all items are validated against the whitelist created earlier.
    • The inventory being transferred can be received in batches. If you are expecting further batches of delivery for the same Purchase Order (PO), then the Purchase Order is locked (Locked and transferred) after scanning the received inventory items, and the items yet to be received are available on the new Purchase Order document. 
    • In non-integrated mode (for example, a one store business), you can create purchase orders using the ‘New PO’ screen (see chapter Purchase Orders).