When applying a discount using the Price Override options, the following pricing rules are applied:

    • The price cannot be lower than the Manager maximum discount price defined for the product (attribute “MGR Max Discount” in the product definition screen).
    • If the price is lower than the sales rep's maximum discount price (attribute “CSR Max Discount” in the product definition), then a manager (with "Retail Price Override" access) is required to authenticate this price change. If you do not have such access, you can request a manager to approve the change.
    • The system can be configured to require a reason code for a price override.

Item Price Override 

Select Price Override from the Item menu.

Price Override Popup Reason Code Options

mPOS price override select reason code

Price Override – Override amount displays as a Discount

When performing a Price Override, a discount will be added, indicating the discount amount. 

Select a reason code, which  triggers either an automated MT-POS memo or a manual memo. 

Reason codes for price override are configurable.

If a price override is applied to a serialized device on top of a plan discount, for tariff pricing error corrections, it will be reported with Plan Discount reason ID; the discount amount will be the total discounted amount (Plan Discount + Price Override amount).