In a scenario where products were sold in another system, and the customer wants to return the product, you will select the Return exception button in the Shopping Cart.

Click Sale in POS to open the order screen 

New order – Return Exception link

New order - click the Return Exception link

Click the Return Exception link

A prompt will display to scan product bar-code:

Return Exception prompt - enter the product SKU

Click Continue and below prompt will display to fill all the required fields:

Return Exception 

Return Exception prompt - enter serial number and orher details

  1. Enter the Serial number of the product in Serial No. field
  2. Credit Amount: check the receipt from Legacy system and enter the amount to be refunded.
  3. Reason Code: select a Reason Code for the return.
  4. Item Condition: select the item condition of the device.

 Return Exception shopping cart 

Shopping Cart - Return Exception

User clicks Continue to go to Order Summary screen and from there Continue to the Checkout screen.

Return Exception Checkout page - select the method of payment 

Return Exception Checkout page - select the form of payment

The user enters a negative amount and then selects the form of payment.

Return Exception refund is applied – Submit Order

Return Exception checkout - submit order

The user selects Submit Order to complete the flow and generate a receipt.