APG T320-BL1616 Heavy Duty 16" Cash Drawer

T320-BL1616 - APG T320-BL1616 Heavy Duty 16" Cash Drawer
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  • Series: Series 100 Heavy-Duty
  • Durability: Heavy-duty cash drawer for high volume use.
  • Color: Black with painted front
  • Size: 16.0in W x 16.8in D x 4.9in H
  • Drawer Front: Stainless Steel Front, Dual Media
  • Till: 5 Bill x 5 Coin
  • Interface: MultiPRO® 320 Interface for all 24V printers and terminals
  • Compatibility: MT-POS Desktop and Mobile Apps
  • Media Slots:One media slot for inserting checks and credit card receipts
  • Warranty: 5 Year
About this item
  • DURABILITY: This commercial POS heavy-duty cash drawer is made of steel for ultimate strength and durability. The cash drawer has industrial-grade ball bearings to allow the drawer to slide open and shut for high volume use. The Series 100 cash drawer is tested to withstand at least 4 million transactions. Five year Warranty.
  • INTERFACE: Equipped with APG’s MultiPRO 320 interface that is compatible with all 24V printer driven POS systems. Please note a connection cable is not included with purchase.
  • DESIGN: The drawer comes with a molded till that has five bill compartments and five coin compartments for organizing money by denomination. Finished with a media slot for inserting checks, credit card receipts, or other transaction papers. Compatible with multiple forms of currencies.
  • LOCK SYSTEM: A latch releases the drawer when opened and keeps it securely shut when closed. The four-function lock on the drawer has functions to lock the drawer closed, lock open, open electronically using a connected host device, or open manually.
  • DIMENSIONS: The APG T320-BL1616 Series 100 Heavy-Duty Cash Drawer measures at 16.0”x 16.8” x 4.9”. The drawer is designed around a full size till the narrow footprint of the Series 100 minimizes the amount of counter space required. Creating a sleek Point-of-Sale station.
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