MT-POS presents a widget on the shopping cart, with items computed to be suggested as Frequently bought Together with items which are already added to the shopping cart.

A daily job computes (globally) for each item in the bestselling list, the 5 most common items sold together in the past 14 days. Only physical goods (items which require replenishment) are included.

Frequently bought together with widget

The widget presents the items that are bought with items that were already added to the cart. Items which are in the bestselling list are not shown in the Frequently bought together with widget.

  • The widget only presents items that are available for sale at the specific store.
  • The widget sorts the items based on the most frequently sold together at the top of the list. The widget presents the top 5 items by default. When there are more than 5 items to display, a ‘More’ link will show at the bottom of the widget and click on the link will expand the widget to show all the items.

Note: The widget will present a maximum of 30 items according to the sort order specified in the widget definition.