When the integrated terminal is connected and available, you can use the Card method to process a refund. 

The process of refunding a card payment in the standard returns process is described below. 

Click on “Refund” next to the original payment. The screen will show a prompt to verify the Refund amount, with the default amount set to the maximum amount that can be refunded for this payment. You cannot increase the refund amount above the default amount. The system will send the amount to be refunded to the external terminal, and the Swipe Card screen will display, enabling you to process the refund on the card processor terminal. MT-POS will receive the authorization code from the external terminal and record the refund in MT-POS. 

Credit/debit card transactions are always processed in local currency.

 The maximum refundable amount of a payment is calculated in two methods and set to the lowest amount:

    1. based on the Original Payment amount minus any refunds already processed in MT-POS system for this payment
    2. The current refund balance on the order