A customer may also trade in an old product and purchase a new device (For example $100) and pay the difference in combination of Trade-In payment ($50) and credit card ($50).

Refund the credit card payment (-$50) and additional -$50 in another refund method (CC/Cash) against the Trade-In payment

In case of deposit, MT-POS will implement the restriction to allow payment using Trade-in payment method for the max amount, excluding the deposit amount. 

  1. Add the trade in device to the transaction: in Shopping Cart screen, select Trade-In and then enter the device serial number.

Enter the Trade-In device serial number

mPOS trade in a new device

The Trade In device is added to the transaction

Trade-In - device added to the transaction

  1. add a new device and apply a plan.

The new device is added. user selects Plan Discounts

Trade in - new device added to the transaction and then user selects Plan Discounts

User selects the plan

Available Plan Discounts prompt

The plan is added to the transaction

Plan discount is added to the transaction

Summary screen

Summary screen reflecting the plan

  1. process payment

Checkout screen: enter the Trade-In amount

Checkout screen - enter the Trade-n amount and select Trade-In

Enter the balance payment amount

Checkout - enter the balance amount and select the form of payment

Submit the order

checkout - submit the order