Scenario: A customer trades-in their product and opts for an early upgrade.

Add the EUF SKU to the cart with EUF charge calculated. The new device is added to the cart with new tariff (UFC), the tariff amount can be >=0. The trade-In device is added to the cart using Trade-In SKU at 0 values. Apply Trade-In as payment method for trade values of old device. Any deposits in the order will not be covered by Trade-In Payment method, and will need to be paid separately. If the cart value is more than trade-in payment, the balance will be paid by Cash or Card.

In case of return, Trade-In payment refund will be issued by Cash or Card, whereas any additional payment applied to order will be refunded against the original mode of payment.

The workflow in MT-POS remains the same as Trade-In with Device, described above, the only difference being EUF charge is also applied to the order.

Note: This topic is relevant only for product and/or services that are configured with a plan and can be upgraded per the business policy.