MT-POS Plan import utility can be used for bulk loading of plans. To Import Plans from an excel file:

  • Click Import Plans button on Service Plans screen.
  • Browse for the relevant Excel file, and then click Upload. If any rows fail a validation format check, such records will not be imported, and an error log will be generated to review the failure reason.
  • You can create a new Plan or Edit the existing plans. To update an existing plan's attributes, it needs to be uploaded in the same format with updated values.
  • When importing plans from Excel, the system validates existing plan entries and will update changes in the following attributes if the plan already exists. User can update following attributes of plan using the import utility.
    • Validity of plan using From and To date. 
    • Plan price of an existing plan. 
    • MT-POS code of an existing plan. 

Excel format for importing plans:

Column Name


Third party plan ID

Third party plan ID

EAN Code

Product ID

Tariff (Discount) Desc.




Term Desc

Terms description

Plan Name

Plan name

Discounted Device Price

Device price with plan


Third party plan code


Plan start date


Plan end date