The Low Stock Management tool enables the store manager to set the Min/Max quantities, the quantity level for low stock notification, and to generate the low stock report.

The Min/max quantities are used when generating the low stock report. The Low stock report includes:

      • Items which have Min/Max defined and greater than 0.
      • Items for which currently available quantity (quantity in sell-able status), less reserved quantity, plus quantity in transit, plus quantity in open PO that has not been received yet, when the total is less than the defined Min quantity.

The report includes a column with the computed quantity to order – quantity the store is currently missing (at the time of running the report) according to Max quantity.

The Alert quantity is used to generate a low stock notification. For example, “Store 1305 inventory is low on stock. Run the low stock report for details”.  

The Inventory Reordering Wizard can be opened from the navigation menu > Inventory > Stock Management > Low Stock Management.

Low Stock Management 

Loe Stock Management filters

Use the Low Stock Management filter to search for the item, by selecting search in or  category or free text, and then click Apply Filter. The search results display.

Low Stock Management search results

Click the Item ID link of the relevant item. 

The Min/Max panel displays.

Min/Max panel 

Low Stock Management - set minimum and maximum quantity