This section describes the process of inventory transfer from store to store, from store to warehouse, and reversing a transfer.


    • Inventory Transfer to Store
    • Inventory Transfer to Warehouse
    • Return Transfer
    • Receive Transfer – Inter Store Transfers

System Default:

    • MT-POS: Transfers are allowed between all the stores.
    • MT-POS: Transfers are allowed between dealer stores under the same dealer store group.
    • Transfer of serial number requires scanning of bar-codes of the serialized item.

When you create a store transfer, it is in ‘Processing’ status. You can then send it to get an approval, or, if you have the required security permission, approve it. You can the review the transfer and edit it if needed, and then change the status to ‘Approved’. Once the transfer has been shipped, you can then change the status to ‘Shipped Transfer.’ 

The Ship To Another Store function is controlled by security permissions.

To create a new store transfer: From Inventory page > Shipping > Ship to another store.

Or, from the navigation menu under Inventory > Stock Transfer > Ship to another store.