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MT-POS vs Lightspeed

MT-POS is an enterprise grade, fully featured Cloud POS System, that is highly configurable, and includes all the features and options that you need to run any retail operation effectively.

MT-POS and Lightspeed seem to be doing a lot of the same things with the obvious difference of cost. Lightspeed is a lot more expensive than MT-POS. The Pro plan for Lightspeed is $149/Month. MT-POS is $89/Month. So, you will be saving $720 a year per store by switching to MT-POS. If you have 10 stores this will add up to $7200 per year!

From functional aspect, from what we see MT-POS offer all the options light speed does for a Retail POS, plus the following:

  • MT-POS supports more advanced promotions
  • More Standard security options to control who has access to this system
  • MT-POS has configurable user security profiles
  • Include advanced Report Scheduling standard in all plans
  • We support stocking Inventory as serialized and non-serialized, and stocking inventory as non-serialized and selling it with the serial number.
  • MT-POS has special tools and integrations for large enterprises that have hundreds of stores, multiple market, regional offices.
  • The system supports custom attributes for product categories, to enable custom handling during the sale for select products
  • MT-POS has more option related to restricting and managing payment methods, customer return, exchange, and products upgrade
  • MT-POS provides more choices for Payment Terminal Integrations, we support both Tabletop and Mobile Payment Terminals.
  • MT-POS works great on iPad but also on Android tablets, that in some cases cost half of an iPad; therefore, if you have many Point-of-Sale stations, using an Android tablet can save you a lot of money.
  • MT-POS support multiple cash currencies during checkout and register count operations

MT-POS works on all devices. you can choose to use our mPOS App (mobile POS) for iPad or Android, or you can use a browser on any device such as PC, Mac, Chromebook, laptop and even your phone.

So, if you want to have more options in POS hardware, have a POS which is more customizable, and along the way save at least 30% of your POS costs, we suggest you try MT-POS for yourself.  

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