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MT-POS is a fully featured Enterprise Cloud POS System, that is highly configurable, and includes all the features and options that you need to run any retail operation effectively.

when comparing POS System, you should evaluate several factors:

  • Point of Sale: The Point of Sale provides the workflow to sell products to the customer. This can be handled by a Salesperson, Cashier, or Self Service. You should verify that the POS you select is suitable for your industry and is capable of selling the products you need.

    MT-POS System includes additional services to increase your sales, which are not available in basic POS Systems; for example, find matching and related items in real time, provide warranty and additional services related to the selected items, prompt for specific product attributes that you require, offer advanced promotion such as Buy 1 Get 2nd one 20% off, offer product bundles and more.

  • Checkout: When it comes to check out, you should verify the POS System can accept all the payment method you require and can use multiple payment methods per order. We also recommend that you choose a system that does not lock you to use the POS Vendor specific device.

    MT-POS is integrated with the latest Card Payment Terminals, which enable you to select Table Top terminals or Mobile terminals. These terminals support Debit, Credit, Mobile and Contact-less Payments. In addition, MT-POS support split payments, Check, Wire, PayPal, Custom methods, and all cash currencies, so if you are accepting multiple Cash Currencies (for example a shop in the airport), or require custom payment methods, MT-POS has the right solution for you.

  • Cash Management: All POS Software should include the ability to open and close the register.

    But only advanced POS Systems such as MT-POS also provide tools to manage cash beyond the cash register. This includes Managing the Cash in the Safe, moving cash between register and Safe, Depositing Cash in the bank and ordering change from the bank.

  • Catalog management: The product Catalog management provides tools to define products, categories, and pricing.

    MT-POS also defines custom product features, labels, attributes, and promotions. In addition, MT-POS includes product publishing tools to manage the catalog in multiple stores and provide the option for different stores or markets to use different pricing, plans and promotions.

  • Inventory management: Inventory Management module in its basic form enables receiving and adding inventory, updating it and tracking sales.

    MT-POS Inventory Management module include tools to manage Serialized and non-serialized inventory, order Inventory via Purchase Orders, Transfer and return Inventory, perform cycle count, process Inventory adjustments, allocate serialized inventory, reserve products and more.

  • Reporting: Comprehensive reporting system is a very important aspect of the POS solution.

    One of the many advantages of MT-POS is that you can view and download your reports anywhere and on any type of device, even your phone. MT-POS also shows you real time data, you do not have to wait until the end of the day to see your reports. In Addition, MT-POS enables you to schedule reports in advance on a predefined schedule.

  • System Access: Traditional POS System requires that you will be in the Store to fully operate the system. Cloud POS System, give you the advantage to access the system from anywhere, but many cloud POS provider limit your access to a specific app or device, or require VPN, preventing you from accessing the system on your phone while on the road, or from your home or office PC.

    MT-POS offer both. You can use the POS on iPad via the App, you can use an android tablet, or you can use your phone, PC, Chromebook, or any device with a browser.

  • Security: Too many POS systems have been compromised in the last few years since it is difficult for their vendors to keep updating them in response to new security threats, or because the merchants didn't implement security fixes in a timely manner. This issue is solved with Cloud POS systems since the vendor can quickly update the system and the Merchants do not need to take any action in the process. However, on a Cloud POS system there is a new concern that the system is available anywhere, so it is open for attacks from the internet.

    MT-POS Cloud System solves both security concerns. Our roots are in the Telecom industry (providing enterprise POS systems for Tier 1 service providers), as such, the system security is always our top priority. MT-POS System implements multiple layers of security, including end to end encryption, 2FA for users, device approvals and more, to ensure that only authorized users and devices can connect to the system.

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