Why is MT-POS better than Shopify?

MicroTelecom Point of Sale and Inventory Management solution was designed to meet the complex needs of any size of retail operations, from small business to enterprises with hundreds of stores. We use enterprise grade technology and provide highly configurable and advanced solutions to meet the specific needs of business of all sizes in different industries and different countries.

MT-POS provide some key features, that are missing from Shopify, which businesses need in order to streamline their operation and stay on top of their competition, for example: advanced catalog features such as product bundling, product with services, advanced BOGO promotions and more.

on the Inventory side Shopify is also missing features that MicroTelecom POS (MT-POS) has built in, such as Inventory allocation to sales team, Inventory Reordering automation and alerts, Serialized Inventory tracking, advanced Inventory cycle count and auditing, return to vendors and transfers with approval flow and more.

On the Point-of-Sale front, MT-POS provide out of the box (for all plans), refund and exchange flows, refund exception flow and price override with manager approval, product upgrade, trade-in, reservation fulfillment, as well as features for up-sell and cross sales. most of these features are either not available in Shopify or required a much more expensive plan with add-ons.

In addition, in Shopify you can only exchange an item a single time. in MT-POS there are no such limitations.

from a cost perspective, MT-POS is more cost effective than its competitors, and we don't charge separate transaction fee if you don't use our payment processing like Shopify does.

Shopify only works on iPad. MT-POS works on all devices. you can choose to use our mPOS (mobile POS) for iPad or Android, or you can use a browser on any device such as PC, Mac or Chromebook.

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