What is a POS system?

A point of sale (POS) system is a suite of software and hardware that enables businesses to record sales of products and services, manage the product catalog, store inventory, cash registers, employees.

a Good POS will provide integrated payment solution and reporting to track sales performance and other critical metric to streamline the stores operations.
The POS System includes two main components, Software and Hardware.
Many POS suppliers provide both the POS hardware and software as a bundle, and some will let you use the hardware only with the provided software.
MT-POS does not lock you to any specific hardware, you can purchase hardware through us, but you can also purchase hardware from any vendors.

MT-POS System is a Cloud Software and comes with MPOS Apps for Mobile Devices.

A traditional POS System is usually installed locally on your PC and is tightly integrated with a specific Payment terminal, Register, Receipt Printer and Barcode scanner, most often these hardware components are purchased together as a bundle with the software. 

MT-POS is an advanced MPOS Cloud System, which enables you to work using a fixed PC, as a traditional POS system, or using Apps on Mobile Devices and Tablets. MicroTelecom Provide MPOS Apps for Android, iOS and Windows, so using this System you can access your Point of Sale system from everywhere, at any time, in the Store or on the Go.  MT-POS provide Enterprise and Small Business Solutions, and as a Cloud system it is seamlessly updated and upgrades as part of your subscription without any down time or additional costs to you.

POS Hardware

This is the hardware that is integrated with your POS system. The most common POS hardware includes:

  • Card Payment Terminal—This device enables the store to accept credit and debit cards, as well as mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. There are two main types of terminals, Desktop and Mobile. a Desktop Terminal is larger, can have a bigger touch screen or keypad and is usually attached to the counter next to the register.
    The second type is a Mobile Terminal, which is designed to work anywhere and includes wireless connection and a SIM card to enable it to process payments on the go. MicroTelecom MT-POS provides both types of terminals which support the latest security encryption and processing technologies, including EMV, Contactless, Swipe, and Mobile Payments. The devices MT-POS System is integrated with are PCI compliant and provides End-to-End encryption, ensuring you are always in compliance with the industry standards and do not need to ever worry about data security.
  • Cash drawer: The POS cash register is a metal secured box, which is used to store change and cash received from customer. MT-POS provides integration with the cash register, which enable to open it from the software when needed.
  • Receipt Printer: The Receipt printer is used to provide paper receipts to the customer. Click Here for recommended Receipt Printers
  • Barcode scanner: Barcode scanner is used to scan the product barcodes for faster processing, either when receiving the inventory, while selling it, or during inventory count. MT-POS provides barcode scanning using an external scanner or by using the device camera if you don't have such scanner.

POS software

This is the software that runs on your tablet or computer. The most common POS modules include:

  • Point of Sale: The Point of Sale provides the workflow to sell products to the customer and receive a payment. This can be handled by a Salesperson, Cashier or Self Service.
    MT-POS includes additional services to up sell products, find matching and related items, provide warranty and additional services related to the selected items.
    When it comes to check out, You can choose which payment method and Currencies you wish to enable in your store. MT-POS supports all currencies.
  • Cash Management: All POS Software should include the ability to open and close the register. MT-POS provides additional functionality to manage the cash processed by the store beyond the cash register. This includes Managing the Cash in the Safe, moving cash between register and Safe, Depositing Cash in the bank and ordering change from the bank.
  • Catalog management: The product Catalog management includes tools to define products, categories, pricing and promotions. MT-POS provides a very robust Inventory catalog management tools, which enables publishing product definition to multiple stores, and provide the option for different stores or markets to use different pricing, plans and promotions.
  • Inventory management: Inventory Management module in its basic form enables receiving adding inventory, updating it and tracking sales. MT-POS provide extensive functionality that includes managing Serialized and non-serialized inventory, ordering Inventory via Purchase Orders, Transferring Inventory, counting, processing Inventory adjustments, allocating serialized inventory, reserving products and more.
  • Reporting: Comprehensive reporting system is a very important aspect of the POS solution. One of the many advantages of MT-POS is that you can view and download your reports anywhere and on any type of device, even your phone. MT-POS also shows you real time data, you do not have to wait until the end of the day to see your reports. In Addition, MT-POS enables you to schedule reports in advance on a predefined schedule.
  • eCommerce Integration: Traditional POS System usually does not offer Integrations with eCommerce platforms. This is one of the advantages of Modern Cloud POS System like MT-POS, which provide such options including seamless integration with your Amazon Store.

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